Tuesday, April 27, 2010

President Obama welcomes the New York Yankees

President Obama welcomed the New York Yankees to the White House to honor their 27th World Series title:

[F]or the millions of Yankees fans in New York and around the world who bleed blue, nothing beats that Yankee tradition: 27 World Series titles; 48 Hall of Famers -- a couple, I expect, standing behind me right now. From Ruth to Gehrig, Mantle to DiMaggio, it’s hard to imagine baseball without the long line of legends who’ve worn the pinstripes. Last season, this team continued that legacy, winning 103 games and leaving no doubt who was the best team in baseball.

But what people tend to forget -– especially after watching their teams lose -– is that being a Yankee is as much about character as it is about performance; as much about who you are as what you do. Being successful in New York doesn’t come easy, and it’s not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of player to thrive in the pressure cooker of Yankee Stadium -– somebody who is poised and professional, and knows what it takes to wear the pinstripes. It takes somebody who appreciates how lucky he is, and who feels a responsibility for those who are less fortunate.

As for me, I have now seen seven World Series victories under Presidents Carter, Clinton and Obama and four losses under Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush. It's very fortunate and I thank all the Yankees and George Steinbrenner for valuing victories over profits.

Imagine seeing the Jets visit the White House. I hope to someday.

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